Saturday, August 4, 2018

BrickFair - Part #2

The first with the public went better then Megan or I could have hoped.  The kids absolutely loved Syd and easily grasped the story telling possibilities..

We encouraged the kids to share their ideas by writing them down and feeding them to the Story monster:

As you can see by the amount of paper stuffed in his mouth in this shot, the Story monster did need suffer from going hungry through out the day.  Our plan is to go through all the ideas after the event and share them with you once we've had a little time to recover from the event.

For those of you at home following in our adventure, we'll be sharing pictures of Syd and more of the backstory with you after the attendees at BrickFair had their exclusive sneak peek this weekend.

More to follow as we move into Day 2 of the public at BrickFair tomorrow.

For those wanting more information about the event itself, please go to:

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