Thursday, August 30, 2018

Syd by the book

We had previously shown a glimpse of this build in a previous post.  It really captures the spirit of Syd breaking the fourth wall and coming out of his book!

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Building to a different scale

As we've been showing Syd more and more, we realize that we haven't shared anything regarding his scale to other things.   In fixing that, we present a side by side view of Syd with a LEGO® minifigure:

As shown, Syd stands 9 bricks tall compared to the minifgure standing just 4 bricks high.  This brings about challenges in building in this scale which we will discuss as we continue with this project!

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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Posability of Syd

Here are some test shots of Syd in action:

Syd walking about

Syd doing a hand stand

The mini-ball joint system allows Syd to assume many poses and positions.  

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Introducing our first CAV Short!!!

We want to explore more then just paper media for Syd and friends on their adventures!  We are happy to present our first (we hope of many) CAV short presenting Syd in motion.  Those in attendance at our BrickFair presentation got a sneak peek at some of this action, but now everyone gets to share in the final cut.  Enjoy!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Fun in sketches!

Our dear friend, Kevin Hinkle, of Bricks in the Middle or @BITMComics or @MrHinkleDraws surprised us with some very special sketches for presenting at BrickFair.  We are very honored to receive them and plan to hang them in our studio once we find some nice frames!

Here is Megan with her sketch

and Megan's sketch up close

Jim with his sketch

Jim's sketch up close

Credit goes to Kevin for providing the pictures as well :)

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Food for thought...

Megan and I were very eager to explore the ideas that everyone fed to the Story Monster!

As promised to all those that visited the booth, here is the list of all the ideas in no particular order:

1    1)      Syd should do Tai kwon Do
2    2)      Syd can play outside
3    3)      Syd should read a book and eat
4    4)      Syd should escape school with a train
5    5)      Syd should build everything in every movie
6    6)      Syd should build hopes and dreams
7    7)      Syd should have fun
8    8)      Syd should go to the Star Wars realm
9    9)      Syd should visit Vietnam
1    10)   Syd should go to a water park
1    11)   Syd should visit pack creek, Alaska
1    12)   Syd should mythological character interaction
1    13)   Syd should build specific scenes from various events
1    14)   Syd should travel to various countries
1    15)   Syd finds a magic land
1    16)   Syd should meet Harry Potter and gang
1    17)   Syd should free animals at the zoo
1    18)   Syd should meet a human
1    19)   Syd should be on a train
2    20)   Syd should arts and crafts
2    21)   Syd race a car
2    22)   Syd should eat a butterfly
2    23)   Syd should go to Legoland
2    24)   Syd can be good at building a house
2    25)   Syd should meet a frog
2    26)   Syd should meet Rissle
2    27)   Syd should find a magic portal that goes somewhere different every time
2    28)   Syd should play at the park
2    29)   Syd should go to the zoo
3    30)   Syd should build another study
3    31)   Syd goes to the zoo
3    32)   Syd should a cat car
3    33)   Syd could journey to fairy tale land and alter the stories
3    34)   Syd should turn into a dragonfly
3    35)   Syd should work at Walmart
3    36)   Syd could adventure with other book characters
3    37)   Syd should go to the zoo
3    38)   Syd should find a necklace

The most repeated ideas were:

1             Zoo with 4 mentions
2            Train with 2 mentions
3            Car with 2 mentions

Our goal will be to produce small scenes (vignette) using these ideas as time goes on.  If anyone has any other ideas, please share them in the comments!


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Monday, August 6, 2018


Now that the exclusive sneak peek is over...without further ado, please let us introduce Syd

Syd is looking forward to meeting the Story Monster and discussing the ideas that the Story monster has consumed.

Megan and I are overjoyed with the reception that Syd received at the event. 


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BrickFair - Wrapping up

Big shout out of thanks to the BrickFair crew!!!  They did an awesome job at creating an awesome event for the attendees and the public!!

Megan and I had a fantastic time sharing with everyone.  The reception of Syd and our concept was inspiring for us.

Welcome to all our new followers!  We hope you enjoy the adventure as much as we do!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

BrickFair - Part 3

Day 2 of the public begins shortly.  Megan and I are excited to see what today brings as we share Construct-a-Venture with a new crowd of Brick enthusiasts.  Yesterday in between talking with everyone, Megan was busy with some bricks and sharing building tips with those that visited our booth.  Here is what she built:


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Saturday, August 4, 2018

BrickFair - Part #2

The first with the public went better then Megan or I could have hoped.  The kids absolutely loved Syd and easily grasped the story telling possibilities..

We encouraged the kids to share their ideas by writing them down and feeding them to the Story monster:

As you can see by the amount of paper stuffed in his mouth in this shot, the Story monster did need suffer from going hungry through out the day.  Our plan is to go through all the ideas after the event and share them with you once we've had a little time to recover from the event.

For those of you at home following in our adventure, we'll be sharing pictures of Syd and more of the backstory with you after the attendees at BrickFair had their exclusive sneak peek this weekend.

More to follow as we move into Day 2 of the public at BrickFair tomorrow.

For those wanting more information about the event itself, please go to:

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It has been a wild time so far attending BrickFair, here in Virginia!!  After a long drive down to the area, Megan and I visited the LEGO store in the Potomac Mills mall to pick up some goodies.  Following a nice breakfast, we arrived at the Dulles Expo Center to check in at the event and find our booth space.  We spent some time finalizing our presentation before stepping onto the big stage in front of the BrickFair audience.

It was great fun presenting our concept brand of Construct-a-Venture and where we are today with it.  The feedback we got was very positive and encouraging for both of us!

Thanks to Todd Webb and his crew for putting on such a great event and allowing us to share our venture with others of the brick universe.

Today begins the public portion of the event so we hope that the kids enjoy what we have to share!

Here's a quick look at our booth!

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